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Mine Name:
Mount Nebo
November 03, 2008
Geographic Detail
State: Ohio Lots:
County: Mahoning Longitude:
Quadrangle 1: Campbell Latitude:
Quadrangle 2:    
Township(s): Poland
Location Detail:

Mine Detail
Mine Type: Unknown Seam Elevation:
Commodity Mined: Mahoning Seam Thickness:
Drain Level: Unknown Cover Thickness:
Seam Code:

UTM Number: YSU Mine Number: OHMAHONI000120
DOM Map Number: Mapped: No
OGS Mine Number: Located: No
Date Opened: 1828 Hazard Potential: Unknown
Date Closed: 1845 USBM Number:
Remarks: Click here for OGS Reference List
Near Lowell [50]. ***1828*** The Mount Nebo mine was opened about 1828 by Elijah Stevenson and worked on a small scale for some 10 years. John Thomas and William James worked it after him for some years. John Kirk then bought the mine and commenced shipping coal in 1845. Kirk sold to a company which failed, and the property reverted to him. He again disposed of it to Doan & Howells, of Philadelphia, who did quite an expensive business for 6 or 8 years, shipping the coal by canal to Cleveland.George Smith was the manager. Employment was 50 or more men. (They also purchased a coal bank from the Adairs which they worked at the same time.) The Lowellville Furnace Company also worked the Mount Nebo Mine quite extensively to obtain coal for use in their iron works. The mine was finally abandoned because the water had become too deep for successful operations. [58, pg 72]

Mine Operators
No mine operators in database for this mine.

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